Finding a Good Thai Wife

Finding a Good Thai Wife

Finding a Good Thai Wife Has Never Been Easier…

Dear Friend,

I have no idea how you found my website today.

  • ​Perhaps you read about it in some publication.
  • Perhaps a trusted friend referred you to it.
  • Maybe you just stumbled upon it by pure luck.

One thing is for certain…

You have arrived at, what is without question, one of the most valuable websites you could wish for when it comes to the topic of ‘Finding a Thai Wife’

Here’s Why:

My name is Kritjaran and I am a Thai lady in a wonderful relationship with a Western guy that I love with all my heart.

I am a ‘Women’s Life Coach’ here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In late 2016, I started uploading videos to my YouTube channel to help my clients.

As my channel grew and I began sharing different aspects of my life, I started getting ‘inundated’ with the exact same question over and over and over again…

“Kritjaran, how can I find a good, respectful and responsible man like you have?”

And so after serious consideration, I decided to open this website to help them do just that – to help good, honest and sincere Thai ladies find decent and respectful western gentlemen and introduce them to the ladies in my private, womens-only coaching groups.

NOTE:This is NOT a dating website. Introductions will be via LINE or email and not in my group itself. I will share your picture and profile in my closed groups – ONLY my members can see that.

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Please pay very close attention to what you are about to read next…

If you are some sleaze-bag looking for a ‘Holiday Girlfriend’ or if you are just trying to find someone to show themselves to you on web cam. then SERIOUSLY…  just stop reading now.

Because believe me, you will only be wasting your time.

The ladies in my group are:

  • Traditional
  • Honest
  • Modest
  • Genuine
  • Respectful
  • Hardworking
  • Sincere
  • And Polite

Many are highly educated. But one thing I can assure you, is that none of them are looking for a ‘one-night stand’ or a short-term relationship. They are seeking nothing less than a decent husband and true love.

If you aren’t ready for that, there are a hundred-and-one other websites you can go to – but definitely not this one.

FACT: The online dating scene is like a minefield for many people with both men and women encountering heartless scammers, low-life ‘sleaze-bags’ and all too often, downright scoudrels  and liars.

DISCLAIMER: While I obviously cannot guarantee or vouch for the integrity, sincerity and honesty of any individual, [any more than you can!] I can sincerely assure you that I personally talk to every single women who is interested in meeting a guy through this website.

VERY IMPORTANT: And if I pick up that she is in the slightest way simply looking for money, is a scammer or insincere, I politely inform them that they are not the kind of woman I am interested in introducing to anyone.

Not under any circumstances. And not for all the money in the world!

Oh and guys, it is a two-way street. If you are disrespectful and abusive to any of my friends, guess who will get to hear about it?

To put it plainly, if you are a typical ‘sexpat’ this is 10,000% NOT the site for you!

And please note that I do not feel comfortable introducing old guys to young Thai women in their 20’s  so please don’t ask if that is you.

But… if you are sincere, genuine, respectful, responsible and a man of integrity, you might have just found the exact solution you have been looking for.

beautiful thai women

So, what is involved in having me help you?

It is actually quite simple.

1. First, unlike a dating website, where you simply join, put up your profile, cross your fingers and ‘Hope for the Best’ I am offering a genuine, personal, introduction, based upon what each person has indicated he or she is looking for.

2. After speaking with you via *LINE chat, I will write your profile in Thai and share it in my private coaching group for Thai ladies [giving you a much better chance of being understood]. *Line (styled as LINE) is a freeware app for instant communications on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers and personal computers. Line users exchange texts, images, video and audio, and conduct free VoIP conversations and video conferences. It is 100% free to download, SUPER easy to use and… almost everyone in Thailand is on LINE.

Get Line here:​

3. I am only working with 10 gentlemen at a time due to the amount of personal input that I set aside for helping each individual.

4. Your total investment is just USD $497  and includes me sharing your profile and info in my group and with my coaching clients for as long as it takes for you to meet someone.

I am sure you will agree that USD $497 is a ‘drop in the bucket’ compared to what I am offering you via this service. NOTE: It is certainly waaaaay cheaper than the $5,000 to $15,000 some introduction agencies would charge you!

Why the Low Price?

Because this is largely a labor of love on my behalf. I want to help others to experience the same kind of joy and happiness I have found with my guy.

Why Charge to Begin With?

I wanted to balance the fact that people: Don’t appreciate what you give them for free’ with the reality that I am committing a considerable amount of time to helping each individual in this way but at the same time want to make it something anyone can afford.And don’t forget – I will personally write your profile in Thai.

If you have a problem with the price – no problem. You are free to go a different route.

And please note that because of the ‘bespoke’ nature of me writing your profile in the Thai language – there are no refunds.​

A Quick Word About Age Gaps:

From time to time, I have Western guys asking me to introduce them to Thai women who are 25…35… and in some cases, even 50 years younger than they are.Please understand that I do not feel even remotely comfortable introducing people with these kind of age gaps.I already understand that such relationships will cause strife and serious concern where the Western man’s family are concerned. And believe me. Thai people also will simply say that any much younger girl is only with a man old enough to be her Father because she is purely interested in his money.STOP AND ASK YOURSELF: How would you feel if a man your age [or 10, 20 even 30 years older than YOU wanted to marry your daughter? Be honest. You wouldn’t like that, right?

Finally, I have seen far too many of these relationships and they never work out well. 99.9% of the time they end up in heartbreak.We both feel very strongly that serious age difference between a couple would not be acceptable socially in either of our cultures.Think back to when you were 23… and I am sure you can agree with us on that point. Also, I should point out that would not feel comfortable introducing a 40-year-old to a 20-year-old.I want to help people find genuine and lasting happiness. If that ISN’T you, then seriously, you should not apply.

Still with me?

Please take a quick moment to pop your details in the easy-response form below to tell me about yourself and I will be in touch with you within 48 hours…

Please note: I do not want you to send any money at this time.


Kritjaran – Owner 

P.S. If you are a decent gentlemen, with a kind heart who is simply looking for true and genuine love, I want you to know that somewhere in this world, there is a good-hearted woman who is looking for you also.

YES! Ranya, I’m Ready to Meet a Good Thai Women!

[who is looking for a serious, respectful, responsible husband] This really is a genuine service for sincere, honest, gentlemen.VERY IMPORTANT: If you are separated but not yet divorced, please wait until your divorce is final BEFORE contacting me. Same if you are already in a relationship with someone…

Please take a few moments to fill out the form below to start on your path to find the lady of your dreams.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are separated but not yet divorced, please wait until your divorce is final BEFORE contacting me. Same if you are already in a relationship with someone.