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To anyone looking to find love in Thailand and are interested in using Kritjaran’s service at FindAThaiWife.com do not hesitate! She has gone above and beyond in helping me find The Love of My Life! Kritjaran introduced me to my Thai Fiancee and I had one of the most Professional, Courteous and Attentive experiences I have ever had.She and Chris even brought my now Fiancee to the airport to help with our meeting, came to lunch with us the next day as well as continually calling to check up on us.I feel  eternally grateful for the future I have now. I could not endorse tKritjaran more than I do right now. You will not find another service more Professional, Honest and Affordable Anywhere! Jon C. USA

This is a brief recounting of my experience with FindaThaiWife.com  the in hopes that it may be shared with anyone interested in using the service.A year ago, I was frustrated by most of the networks available for meeting Thai women.  Many are filled with fraudulent profiles and scammers, or women whose goal is simply to find a guy with money.  Other services are extremely expensive and disallow direct contact, charging by the email through a 3rdparty, so it’s impossible to know if a woman is real before spending thousands of dollars. All are impersonal, with no-one to reach out to for help and guidance.

I found the FindAThaiWife site by accident, and was very happy with the results.  Ranya took the time to understand me and my profile, then translated to Thai language and shared with her extensive network. Within 2 weeks, I had about 20 profiles to review and consider.  I selected 3 of these and talked with each of them.  All were delightful, very “real,” honest and caring.  I am now in a promising relationship with one of them, and may be engaged soon.  

I highly recommend this service to any western man looking for a life-partner in Thailand.  Beyond the personalized support and the no-nonsense approach to contacting women, this service will continue to expose your profile to the growing network of Thai women.  As a result, even if you don’t find the right partner in the first group of profiles, more will almost certainly be coming, all for a single fee. Rick D Atlanta Georgia USA

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ranya . I have met the girl of my dreams and everything that Ranya’s partner Chris states about Thai ladies I have found to be true. 

Whilst I recognise that good people meet each other through the large dating sites there are scammers on both sides and by using Ranya you can be more assured that she has your interests at heart. There are lovely caring honest ladies out there and I suggest that you use Ranya to find the right partner. I have found Chris and Ranya to be nothing but respectable people and thank Ranya with all my heart for introducing me to the most wonderful girl. JL (England).

Dear P Ranya, I’m very grateful  for your help in getting me a girlfriend. Previously, I was also in a relationship with a Thai woman, but unfortunately, our relationship failed. I was in a depression for a while until I saw Chris’ YouTube channel, featuring your matchmaking services. I am a Singaporean guy who is very much interested in Thai culture and of course, Thai women. In December 2017, you introduced me a nice girl from a province near Bkk- nakon Pathom. We talked for 3 weeks and eventually I flew over to Thailand on Xmas day to meet up with her. We even spent the new year together. By the way, new year day marked the official start of our relationship. We are still together now after half a year and I made regular trips to Thailand to meet her. I must say that this girl embodies good traditional Thai virtues that every men desire. She’s patient , courteous, forgiving and diligent. Besides, she displays great perseverance as she juggles between work and studies. I hope she’ll be my soulmate for life and hopefully we could take our relationship to the next level. Thank you P Ranya again for your help. Words could never fully express my gratitude and given the affordability of your services, I must say you are doing mankind a great service.  Keep it up P Ranya and let’s stay in touch! Cheers!  – from Andy  Singapore

Unfortunately, for me, “connecting the dots” is something that can only be done in retrospect — and I say it’s unfortunate for me, only because if I had known that my life was about to take an amazing turn for the most fulfilling experience in my 57 years of living, I would have moved to Thailand much sooner. I owe many thanks to Ranya and her introduction service — she matched and introduced me to the woman of my dreams (check that – the lady Ranya introduced me to is beyond anything
I could dare to think, dream or imagine).

My realtor here in Thailand told me that whether I knew it or not, my lady was one of the smartest, well educated, well respected and most beautiful women in this area — and I must say, he is correct — Ranya absolutely “crushed it” with this pairing — geez, I’m so taken aback by this one year romance that started on October 24, 2017 – I still have the Line conversation of where it all started. So, I came to Thailand for my first visit with my soon-to-be wife in December 2017, spent a week here, had a marvelous time — went back to America, but my heart was still in Thailand — so within a month, I sold all my belongings and officially landed back in Thailand on January 19, 2018. I have since gotten a retirement visa (which my lady helped with every step of the way), I have been accepted my her family and closest of friends — and this amazing community that I live in is like something from a fiction novel. Even the “baggage” from a very nasty divorce has been properly “disposed” of.
And I say that because had I not gone through the trauma and anger of a toxic relationship in America, I don’t think I would have ever moved out of my expensive “comfort zone” in the USA.

Sometimes life has a way of dumping us out of our proverbial “nests” and forcing us to learn to fly. I’m glad Ranya was there to introduce me to my new co-pilot and life partner — I cannot thank her enough.

…so if you’re “thinking” about using her service — then stop “thinking”,
and take massive, immediate action. You will NOT find a better service
if you’re looking for a quality Thai woman who can partner with you for a no-games life — I’m a living witness and visual aide with so much more to say, but you really need to get crackin and making contact with Ranya
so you can meet the woman of your dreams like I did.

Thanks Ranya

– from Steve  South Carolina, USA