Discount offer for gentlemen over age 50…

Discount offer for gentlemen over age 50…

Even though I am very clear on my site how I feel about age differences, I still get requests for 20 plus year age differences.

I know as we age, the way we feel doesn’t necessarily match the way we appear in the mirror year after year. There’s nothing wrong with that. Think young, stay active. Good plan for a happy life.

However, the facts and biology are inescapable, we ALL age and it can’t be stopped. Many things change including our looks. For both Men and women.

Guys, it’s time to start thinking realistic. A decent, sincere, I repeat DECENT, SINCERE Thai lady 15, 20 or more years younger than you won’t be interested, and I won’t introduce you. I am not interested in hearing how you think you are different. So as before. Don’t ask.

You AREN’T different.

Remember, you are looking for lasting love, not a holiday fling. If a fling is what you really want, you don’t need my help and I wont provide it.


For honest, sincere and not shallow gentlemen over age 50 I have a special offer.

If you are willing to be realistic in who is attractive to you and also who will honestly find you attractive. I have many beautiful, sincere ladies available for you to get to know and find love with.

I will give a $100 discount off my fee for those willing to give this a try.

My goal remains the same and I have many solid matches and marriages to prove my process works.

I will provide the same level of service, and the process remains the same. However, I will remove your age preference. Don’t panic. Remember, it’s well known that Asian ladies age very well, so I still believe if your expectations are realistic, you will be very pleased.

I hope you consider my generous offer.

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