Old Men and Young Thai Women Relationships

Old Men and Young Thai Women Relationships

old man young thai relationship

Do Young Thai Girls Really Like Old Western Guys?

Guys, as a Thai women I can 100% assure you that no young Thai girl has posters of 50 to 75 year old Western guys on her bedroom wall.

I have seen these kind of 'Relationships' and 99.9 times out of 100 they end up in absolute heartbreak.

Can I tell you what Thai people really think when they see a young Thai lady with a much older Western Guy?

Without exception, they think: "Ahhh THAT guy must have money and she is probably only with him because he is giving her  his money!"

TRUE STORY: I know a Thai lady here in Chiang Mai who is married to a much older Western guy. He bought her a house and went back to his country - he still visits her here and plans to retire in the house he built for her.

But... While he is away she sleeps with younger farang guys!

Now - she is obviously an evil woman but her husband is very silly to believe he has found true love with a woman young enough to be his granddaughter!

My advice? Use your common sense.

On this website, I will never introduce a much older guy to a very young woman.  I just don't feel comfortable doing that. Like I said - I have seen many relationships like this fail time after time.

Don't get me wrong, age differences are ok, but 25 - 30 years is too much.


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