Finding a Thai wife and avoiding scammers

Finding a Thai wife and avoiding scammers

Thai dating scam

One of the main reasons I started this website was to help people avoid being scammed.

Let me tell you some common scams to avoid:

  • The "Please send me money" scam. You meet someone online and within a very short time of knowing you she is blatantly asking you for money. No self-respecting Thai women will do that.

    DO NOT SEND ANY PERSON MONEY unless you know them super-well and would trust them with your life!
  • The "I lost my purse and it has all my money in it" scam. Seriously - there simply CANNOT be that many women losing their purse!
  • The "I need medical help and will die unless you help me" scam. This one is based on emotional manipulation. Don't fall for it.
  • The "I have a loan to pay off and I am very worried and need your help" Scam.
  • The "I can't pay my car loan" scam. Politely tell her to 'catch the bus' or walk!
  • The "I need a credit card and a monthly allowance to leave the bar" scam. Are you crazy?

In short, make certain you find a women that is into you for who you are and is not just focused on money. If either partner is only interested in how much money they can get from someone, the relationship is doomed.

I NEVER even one time ask a man for money. There are tens of thousands of Thai women just like me who simply are looking for a decent, loyal, responsible and faithful man.

Don't get scammed!‚Äč

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